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Pantry Patrol Meeting with Durham Food Pantry

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Tuesday April 4th, 2023

Team Pantry Patrol met with a Durham Pantry in order to provide our app tutorial. We are so excited to share that we have 2 Durham pantries who will be implementing Pantry Patrol at their pantries. Through a generous grant we received, we also were able to provide the pantries with tablets to utilize our app because they didn't have other technological devices.

Team Pantry Patrol also provided the pantry with a $250 Visa gift card to help with pantry operations, as part of a random drawing from pantries who completed our research survey.

Pantry Patrol team member Abhinav demonstrating the volunteer section of our app to the pantry director.

Pantry Patrol team poses for a pic with the pantry directors. We're ecstatic to provide them with a tablet to pilot our app.

Pantry Patrol team presenting the raffle winner pantry with a $250 gift card to help support pantry operations!

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